LIFE Update

You know, this is where I would usually post a casual weekend update and input some type of quip about what I’ve been up to after a 3-day blogging break. But considering it has been 3 ENTIRE weeks I think we’re beyond that at this point.

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Weekend Update


Happy Monday snitches.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty amazing. With the exception of a surprise visit from my girl Allergies and her bestie Cold & Sinus, I had a pretty good, semi-productive weekend. After 3 weekends out of town, I was ecstatic to just sleep in my own bed, see some folks, and catchup on shows and reading. Let’s discuss.

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Shoes Out for Summer

See what I did there? Shoes out for summer? No? Not punny to you?*

I think winter has finally ushered itself out. It’s truly the worst of all of the seasons. I just don’t know how people do it. I feel like I’ve been wearing winter shoes for 6 months and that’s completely unacceptable. So let’s do a spring shoe round up, bust out some spring outfits, and get day buzzed sitting on a patio sipping on champs and rosé.**

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