Currently Coveting

I am overjoyed for the arrival of spring. Thrilled beyond belief. Winter’s for the birds. I’m not really about the coat wearing, sweater layering, hot cocoa sipping life. I’m really just trying to sit on a patio, sip a lil’ bit of rose all day, while wearing some light weight fabrics and open toe sandals. Is that too much to ask for?? Apparently not because the weather is amazeee.

I basically feel like the physical embodiment of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. Nawt a bad feeling! This (dangerous) feeling has also inspired me to put together a list of items I’ve finally pulled the trigger on or committed to purchasing ASAP. Continue reading to see some of the fashion and beauty items that I can’t wait to arrive on my door step.

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Whole30: Meal Planning

It’s Sunday! Or really more like, It’s Sunday blaaaah.

Sorry for my semi-hiatus, I was lucky enough to spend the last few days in Boston celebrating St. Paddy’s day and trying realllllly hard to maintain any sense of moderation (re: food and dranks). I’ll rate myself a B- on both. I decided to take a few days away from Paleo/Whole30 while traveling and I can’t really say it was worth it. The food was okay and now I just feel pretty blah about the wasted opportunity. I didn’t even get any pizza! So, instead of spiraling into a junk food tornado and eating everything around me, I’m thinking now is a good time to reboot. Enter: Meal planning.

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