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You know, this is where I would usually post a casual weekend update and input some type of quip about what I’ve been up to after a 3-day blogging break. But considering it has been 3 ENTIRE weeks I think we’re beyond that at this point.

Please excuse my extended absence. I’ve been swamped at work (that’s such an eyeball comment because, duh, most people are swamped) and when I get home I’ve wanted nothing more to do than just hang out (note: sit on my ass). Luckily, during this “blogging break” I also managed to make it back down to the beach for a favorite’s 30th birthday! It was such a nice trip and I’m definitely feeling rejuvenated. That word seems a bit dramatic, no? Like it should only be used after an intensive spa day or within the phrase “vaginal rejuvenation” … hope THAT’S suck in your brain now.

One of the last things I really talked about was my 90 day goals. Let’s catch up on those — I’d like you to take a peak at what a bumbling failure looks a bit like. Y’all – me and these goals have been struggling. By struggling I mean, I remember that I’ve set them but I also kind of forget them and swat them away like flies. I haven’t managed to complete a Whole30 “OTG” yet. I’ve essentially been doing what one of my favorites refers to as “Whole5, UnWhole2” — basically eating within plan during the week and venturing off plan during the weekend. As much as I’ve enjoyed this, its also kind of a gateway drug. When I start taking these mini breaks it becomes much easier to veer off plan even during the times you’re supposed to on. Like during the beach vacay, I had grand plans of eating 100% on plan. But then once I got down there I was like YOLO. I didn’t do horribly awful, I managed to stay on during the breakfast and lunch period (mostly), but definitely went rogue at dinners. There was wine to be ordered, bread baskets to be devoured, and charcuterie and cheese plates to fall in love with. But honestly, I don’t really know if 100% Whole30 is manageable for me while traveling. I mean… I just cannot always ask a waiter to ask a chef to make massive changes in a dish he’s created. Here’s a visual of how the vacation went–

Me on vacation:

After Vacation

 Luckily, I’ve managed to stay away from eating an entire pint of ice cream and indulging in sugary sodas and juices, but there’s work to do. I’m restarting the paleo program today and bringing back in exercise. I’ve joined the gym at work, so I literally have no excuse — I have a gym in my apartment building and office now. I’ve still got time to work on my three new things so a new fitness class in the works… prayers up.


Obviously my blogging goal has bit the dust. But there’s still time left people! I think i substituted blogging with getting into Facebook comment wars with strangers. If you know me (even just via Social Media) you know I have a serious case of “feelings”. I just get so upset with people who make ignorant comments. And let me tell you — as a person who hits the trifecta 1. fat 2. black 3. woman — there is a lot on the internet to be a offended by. And this is not just me being sensitive – people have zero chill. And I just CANNNNNN NOTTTTTT LETTTTT SHITTTTT GOOOOO. It’s not a part of my person any more. I just can’t because the internet has convinced trolls that they aren’t talking to actual people and that’s just not going to work. I’m convinced that everyone on the internet that makes a mean comment is A1. Highly uneducated B2. Unbelievably insecure or C3. An actual sociopath. All this to say, don’t be surprised if we start seeing a few blog posts that simply act as a commentary on the weird things that happen these days. I think we could all stand to be a bit more empathic.

Speaking of – I did want to say thank you to everyone for all of the positive feedback on the “My Body, My Story” video. I appreciated every comment, text message, email and share.  I received some of the most heartfelt messages from people I haven’t seen in so long and they’ve really etched a place in my heart. 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3

Chat soon!!!

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