Hi! My Name Is Emmicia & welcome to emmpeccable.

Writing about yourself is quite possibly one of the most difficult, nerve wrecking experiences you can voluntarily put yourself through. However, I wanted to create a space to share a little bit about myself and my world. I’ve created emmpeccable as a place to share my not only my favorite things (shows, books, places, fashion, etc), but also as a place to express the parts of me that can’t be easily shared in 145 characters or an Instagram post.
To help you get to know me, here are a few things you’ll need to know…

  • After years of being completely WCS (worst case scenario), over the last few years I’ve become somewhat of an optimist. Generally speaking, it does usually work out. Yes, you miggggght leave your AmEx at the bar on night two of your Caribbean vacation, but you’ll probably make it work. No, you’re probably not currently saving enough for retirement but revaluate and get that shit DONE.
  • I take a lot of selfies. Like A LOT. I still don’t understand why people get so butt hurt about selfie takers?? Aren’t we supposed to like ourselves? I’m like Kanye, I am my own biggest fan. Besides, no one knows my angles like I know my angles
  • I’m attempting to venture outside of my comfort zone. In April 2015, I had a great job and a fabulous group of friends in Nashville. I was thriving at work but felt like something was missing personally. After finding an opportunity that would allow me to move to the NYC area, I did it! Sometimes you just have to shock the senses to see if you’re capable of becoming the person you can be. #workinprogress

So, keep reading along. Who knows WHAT will come up!