Shoes Out for Summer

See what I did there? Shoes out for summer? No? Not punny to you?*

I think winter has finally ushered itself out. It’s truly the worst of all of the seasons. I just don’t know how people do it. I feel like I’ve been wearing winter shoes for 6 months and that’s completely unacceptable. So let’s do a spring shoe round up, bust out some spring outfits, and get day buzzed sitting on a patio sipping on champs and rosé.**

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Beach Wedding

So happy to be having a fun weekend at the beach celebrating a favorite friend’s wedding. My friends and I came down for a four day weekend and have been so excited to partake in all of the couple’s festivities! The weekend was kicked off with a beach bonfire!  It was such a great way to reconnect with people from college and meet all of the couple’s family and friends.
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Travel Essentials     


This week actually went by pretty quickly. I’m not sure if it’s because I had a lot to do or just because I was willing it to happen. Either way, I’m happy to be heading off to DC this weekend for a quick a girls’ trip (let’s be honest… it’s always a girls’ weekend for me #single) to see some favorites.

Although it’s a fast trip, we’re making the most of it with two great brunches & dinners, hanging out with friends, seeing the cherry blossoms, and a night out. I’ve been to DC probably a dozen times, it truly never gets old. It’ll always be one of my favorite places and it doesn’t hurt to have great friends who live there.

I love traveling and I love it even more now that every trip isn’t just a drop-in between overlapping work trips.

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