Weekend Update


Happy Monday snitches.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty amazing. With the exception of a surprise visit from my girl Allergies and her bestie Cold & Sinus, I had a pretty good, semi-productive weekend. After 3 weekends out of town, I was ecstatic to just sleep in my own bed, see some folks, and catchup on shows and reading. Let’s discuss.

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The District

As previously mentioned, I really enjoy DC, but sometimes, I have to stop and think about why I like it so much. It’s not the biggest city around and I probably wouldn’t call it one of the friendliest. It’s not all cozy and full of southern charm, on a beach, or surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. BUT it is so amazing. DC IS America.  It’s full of history, super diverse (#ChocolateCity), and home to like a million television shows. And most importantly, DC is really, really clean. Like go down in the Metro and not get smacked in the face with the smell of urine, clean. NYC… take notice!

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Travel Essentials     


This week actually went by pretty quickly. I’m not sure if it’s because I had a lot to do or just because I was willing it to happen. Either way, I’m happy to be heading off to DC this weekend for a quick a girls’ trip (let’s be honest… it’s always a girls’ weekend for me #single) to see some favorites.

Although it’s a fast trip, we’re making the most of it with two great brunches & dinners, hanging out with friends, seeing the cherry blossoms, and a night out. I’ve been to DC probably a dozen times, it truly never gets old. It’ll always be one of my favorite places and it doesn’t hurt to have great friends who live there.

I love traveling and I love it even more now that every trip isn’t just a drop-in between overlapping work trips.

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