My Body, My Story

Happy Tuesday Party People. I had another post for today, but I really just wanted to share a few things.

Yesterday, I started what I’m referring to as W30 R2 OTG (Whole30, Round 2, On the Go). As part of my 90 Day Goals, I’ve decided to do another official Whole30. I’m feeling pretty chill about it since I have a good handle on what to look forward to (side note: this kind of hubris never ends well…). I’m also SUPER pumped because I’ve found some good recipes that I think will help spice up breakfast a bit & fancify my dinner options.  As part of wanting to blog more you’ll start seeing more posts (and hopefully pictures), geared toward these new recipes and my adventures in not fully reading a recipe before beginning to cook.

Yesterday was also the release of a video I was able to record for the blog Runway Riot about a month ago.

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Beach Wedding

So happy to be having a fun weekend at the beach celebrating a favorite friend’s wedding. My friends and I came down for a four day weekend and have been so excited to partake in all of the couple’s festivities! The weekend was kicked off with a beach bonfire!  It was such a great way to reconnect with people from college and meet all of the couple’s family and friends.
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Currently Coveting: Beauty

Since I’ve been out of town the last two weekends and head to the beach tomorrow for a friend’s wedding weekend (!!), I couldn’t stand another week of seeing my suitcase still packed and laundry scattered about. I spent last night cleaning my apartment from top to bottom and now I feel so FREE. With my home all squared away, I’m spending this afternoon getting my physical house in order—in the words of Drake, nails done, hair done, everything did.

As I head off to get beautified for the weekend’s festivities I wanted to share with you some of the beauty related items I’ve come across this week. Take a look…

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