How the Whole 30 Challenged My Relationship with Food

Listen, food and I have a complicated relationship. If we were dating I’d be the ex-girlfriend that’s crying every time I’m betrayed but keeps engaging in the same behavior but expecting a different result. Food would be the boyfriend that constantly tells me “listen, I’ve told you who I am, you can accept me or not.”

“When food shows you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou (I might be paraphrasing)

Food is not the problem. I am the problem. Food doesn’t even do anything wrong! Food doesn’t treat me poorly, food doesn’t belittle me, food doesn’t even passive aggressively roll its eyes and say “God, why are you getting so mad?” Food is chill. Food is just like hanging out and waiting for ME to decide how to make better choices about our relationship. I can either piss or get off the pot with food. There is literally no other way to say it.

Enter The Whole 30 (sounds of an impending epiphany).   

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Hello, It’s Me.



First post.

After much over-analyzing, scrutiny, and many pep talks, emmpeccable is live! Deciding to overshare here as opposed to every other form of social media I was utilizing seems like a natural transition. I’ve been dying to do this for years, and with much encouragement from every person dear to me, here we are!

On emmpeccable you’ll see what I’m reading, watching, wearing, and wanting. And you’ll 100% come across some ranting. Anyway, here’s to new beginnings!!

p.s. To be completely honest, this is absolutely terrifying. Anyone who says otherwise is either a blogging OG, lying, or a sociopath (kidding…but maybe nawt).

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